Enable Mobile Workforce


Your team is on the road, with many different productivity apps running in different server or cloud infrastructures. Security is getting more difficult to manage, and vendor sprawl causes aggrava­tion. 



Gone are the days where you only needed to provide your employee with a telephone and a filing cabinet. Today's workforce is increasingly mobile, spending much more time away from their desks. They are in meetings in your office or at client sites, hotels or coffee shops. They use laptops and smartphones. Smartpro's end to end solutions and services can ensure you meet the future of technology today. Our solutions offering will help your organization control BYOD and manage security effectively. Our proactive Managed Services can help take the burden of every day technology management, and make it cost efficient and effective. 



  • Vendor and Technology Agnostic
  • Single Point of Contact
  • End to End Technology Management Sclution
  • Control Cost

About Smartpro

PT. Smartpro Sinergy lntegrasi is eslablished in 2016 with high passion and commitment for delivering Information Technology Solulions and Services in Indonesia.

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